Our office is equipped with a surgical suite. Dr. Toepp-Neuhoff also performs surgery at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Memorial and other local hospitals. You may choose surgery as an outpatient in the hospital if you prefer general anesthesia or IV sedation for your surgery. Often the less costly alternative of in-office surgery is an option as well.

Family Foot Care Clinic’s sterile surgery room is completely equipped with a state of the art technology including fluoroscopy (live x-rays) and the most advanced surgical instruments.

Dr. ¬†Toepp-Neuhoff is trained in both traditional open surgical techniques and minimal invasive surgery where the incision is 1/4″ to 1/2″ long. Together you and Dr . Toepp-Neuhoff can choose which type of surgery best suits your life-style and working schedule.

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