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Harvard Health Publications: Step lively with healthier feet

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Socrates may have been the first to equate healthy feet with quality of life when he famously said, “When one’s feet hurt, one hurts all over.” His observation rings true even millennia later. “As you age, healthy feet become even more important for staying mobile, active, and safe,” says Dr. Kevin Reimer, a podiatrist with Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “When it hurts to walk, you cut back on activities that you enjoy and that keep you healthy.” Over the years, your feet can become more susceptible to problems that make walking more difficult and dangerous. While some of these issues result from genetics or specific medical conditions, many are your own doing. Click here to view the entire article >>>> Source: ¬†Harvard Health Publications – Harvard Medical...

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WSJ: Steps to Better Foot Health

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Source: ¬†Wall Street Journal “Steps to Better Foot Health” 09/16/2013 Doctors say people often ignore persistent but minor foot complaints, which can later develop into bigger problems, like lower back pain. Some common foot problems can mask underlying issues that are correctable if addressed early. Tender feet might be a sign of a pinched nerve, for example, or bunions might stem from weak arches. Other foot ailments, such as sores that don’t heal, can point to a more serious condition, such as diabetes. Podiatrists say foot ailments are a growing problem as more people get physically active. Running marathons, for instance, puts added pressure on the feet and can worsen existing issues that might be caused by genetics or poor footwear choices. Feet also must bear the burden from the growing numbers of people who are overweight or obese. Many people don’t wear shoes with proper support, which is especially harmful for active athletes, says Leslie Campbell, a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association, a professional organization. “We see more young children coming in because they play sports like soccer and wear cleats, which are rigid, don’t absorb shock, cause fatigue and should be worn as little as possible,” she says. Dr. Campbell, a podiatrist at Presbyterian Hospital in Allen, Texas, recommends soccer players not wear cleats off the field and be sure to warm up adequately before playing so the joints are supple in the shoe. To read the entire article, please click here...

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